About Us

Experience, Technical Knowledge, Professionalism, & Safety

Over the last seven years our company, Coastal ICF, has completed over 80 ICF wall system projects and performed close to 200 concrete wall pours in the Pensacola area. These projects encompass a wide variety of building types, shapes and sizes, each having unique characteristics that represent the many different uses of ICF forms.

We have experience building basements, safe-rooms, and ICF’s built on a wide variety of foundation types which include slab on grade, monolithic, off-grade slabs or “stem-wall”, and elevated slabs on pilings.

We are able to use innovative engineering techniques to push beyond the limitations of wood frame, steel, and concrete block construction.

We began operations building custom ICF homes from the ground up or “turn-key”, but now we specialize in building ICF walls or the entire envelope or “shell” (foundation, ICF walls, and framing). This approach streamlines the construction process by using a single professional subcontractor to complete the three critical structural phases of construction and provides more effective coordination between owners, architects, engineers, builders, subcontractors, and construction officials thus reducing construction time and minimizing potential problems. Time saved is measured in dollars to the customer.

Our mission is to provide the customer with the highest quality service possible for the best value. Our crews are experienced, professional, punctual, and friendly. We promise to keep your jobsite clean and provide you with quality work. Please do not hire an inexperienced ICF installer! After the concrete is poured and hardened mistakes are very expensive to correct.  You will not save money in the long run. Also, be aware of out of town subs who typically have poor knowledge of our local codes and insurance requirements.  

Our president, Douglas Herrick, is a State Certified Building Contractor with over 10 years experience in the construction industry. He holds an Architecture degree from the University of Colorado and sits on the board of directors of the Northwest Florida Home Builders Association. He is also a member in good standing of the ICFA (Insulating Concrete Form Association) and the ACI (American Concrete Institute). Doug developed his philosophy for hard work, professionalism, and attention to detail while serving as a Naval Aviator with the United States Navy. After his tour was up, Doug apprenticed with a commercial builder, and after obtaining his builder's license, started his own construction business in 1997.

It is our personal commitment to provide a safe work environment. Not only does this ensure the safety of our workers, it ensures continued productivity, and ultimately protects the consumer.

Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the option of using Coastal ICF to help you build your new home or office out of ICF. I will review your plans and make an assessment of adaptability to our system and the potential construction costs. I look forward to your call.



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