ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) is a modular form system that offers construction professionals in the commercial building industry a viable alternative to CMU, light gauge steel, and steel frame construction. ICF walls, floors, and roof systems represent an ideal balance of quality, speed, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and ease of use. – factors that ultimately benefit you and your clients in the long run.

With Coastal ICF Concrete Wall Systems you can rely on quality, reliability, support, and knowledge. You should have a local ICF installer that can be responsive to your needs and questions, and has the experience, equipment, and resources to complete the job. Let us help you to cut costs and be competitive with conventional wall construction methods. We know that a relationship goes well beyond simply building a wall.

The use of ICF singles you out as an adopter of innovative technology and a builder of integrity and value. Many clients are now looking at value-added alternatives to conventional construction. ICF’s have proven to be a highly effective in many different applications for fast erection of reinforced concrete walls.


Medical facilities - Sound attenuation is an important factor in medical offices. Exterior noise created from automobile traffic and passing aircraft are all but eliminated with ICF construction. During severe storm events such as hurricanes and tornados, the building can be rated as a FEMA approved shelter.

Hospitality - hotels are perfectly suited for the benefits of ICF. The debt service of a commercial building is offset by savings in energy and insurance costs. Another tangible and significant benefit is the sound attenuation qualities that filter out exterior noise in high traffic areas. When combined with LITE-DECK floor & roof technology, the entire shell can be built economically and quickly.

Entertainment - movie theaters, and sports facilities. ICF’s are cost effective to install. The wall systems go up quickly with less manpower than conventional CMU block systems. The ICF bracing and alignment system is an integrated shoring system that provides temporary shoring during construction of large surface area walls. An ICF 8” core form has an STC rating of 50 which virtually creates a soundproof wall, even in the low frequency ranges.

Multi-family - In a multi-family building environment sound attenuation and fire ratings are paramount. A 6” core ICF wall that is covered with 5/8” drywall will achieve a 4 hour fire rating.

Public facilities - Government, DOD- A building that can be used as a public assembly can benefit with ICF. Insulated Concrete Forms not only give a building the strength of reinforced concrete construction, the energy efficiency reduces long range cost to the community.

Warehousing and Storage - ICF construction is most beneficial where strict climate control is an engineering requirement. In this potatoes storage facility, design requirements specified that interior temperatures only fluctuate a maximum of +/- two degrees.

Industrial and Institutional - schools, churches, medical facilities, industrial storage, control buildings, etc. ICF provide sound attenuation in noisy environments. Strength and fire rating also make ICF the clear choice

In-fill - ICF can be effectively used to replace light gauge steel framing or CMU walls to be used as in-fill in high rise post-tension form construction. The ICF wall is stronger, already insulated, and easier to finish both inside and out.

Benefits to the Contractor & Consumer

ICF forms are cost effective to manufacture and inexpensive to ship because they are light weight. Almost any application where CMU has been specified, ICF can be used in its place and will most likely outperform.

  • Speed in construction!
  • Cost effective
  • Integrated shoring scaffolding for high walls
  • Superior strength
  • Fire rating- UL assembly and NES testing data
  • Ease of finish
  • Sound attenuation- STC50
  • Integrates well with other systems
  • Radius and custom curve walls

ICF vs. CMU comparison

  • CMU solid fill wall lifts are limited to 4’ height compared to 12-15’ in an ICF wall.
  • CMU requires fur out for electrical, plumbing, and insulation.
  • Surface area per unit of CMU is less than one square foot compared to 12 square feet in a single ICF form unit.
  • CMU’s are not well adapted to non standard dimensions
  • CMU’s take longer to install and take more man hours
  • Recent increases in the cost to install CMU’s make ICF a viable alternative.

When you add it all up, ICF when compared to other wall construction systems is simply a better choice. Please contact Coastal ICF Concrete Wall Systems to let us review your plans and show you personally how we can make your next ICF project a success.









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